Remote Working? Consider These Multiple Factors

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Many organisations have taken the decision to let their workforce work from home or away from the office. Whilst it is likely that self-isolation is a safer option as opposed to working in a congregated environment, this also presents additional challenges around information security as well as increases opportunism to take advantage of organisations operating in “crisis” mode. This blog posts continues to look at what those threats might consist of and offers a few tips to protect your workforce and your organisation from unauthorised access to company information.

CJEU Judgement – To Like or Not to Like?

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This post takes a look at the judgement delivered by the Courts of Justice for the European Union (CJEU) who – on the 29th July 2019 – ruled that website operators who install Facebook “Like” buttons are determined to be Joint Controllers with Facebook*, and discusses the implications between website operators and 3rd party technology providers, with some helpful guidance for both the website operator and 3rd party technology to help them towards their compliance obligations.

Bringing Privacy into the Public Spotlight (LinkedIn Post)

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This is an article that was written on LinkedIn by Micky Khanna, Founder in response to an article published in the Financial Times Weekend 6/7th January 2018 titled “Customer data sharing comes out of the shadows”. The LinkedIn article picks up on some of points raised within the FT article and expands on the implications that the EU GDPR could have on advertisers, ad agencies, social media, mobile marketing, and publishers.