This post relates to a LinkedIn Article titled “Bringing Privacy into the Public Spotlight” by Micky Khanna, in response to GDPR news story published in the FT (newspaper article titled: “Businesses fear online revolt after personal data shake-up“, and also published online under a somewhat watered down headline of “Customer data sharing comes out of the shadows“).

In summary, the LinkedIn post picks up on various snippets from the FT article in relation to how customers are tracked online by advertisers and brands who have been targeting users by profiling them (often without the users knowledge), and buying and selling their profile information and browsing behaviour (either directly or via their ad agencies) through trading desks and bidding platforms, and how this will seriously affect their compliance with the EU GDPR.  The LinkedIn post also talks about how the EU GDPR could affect the digital advertising eco-system (i.e. the advertiser, ad agency, publisher) and how data is stored and accessed (via the cloud for example), whether these companies are based in the EU or not.


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