GDPRPLAN.COM offers training, consultancy & project management solutions to help companies to identify and assess the way in which personal data is stored, processed, transferred within their organisation/s, so that you can implement the right plan in order to be compliant with the biggest changes to data protection in 20 years.


Companies can choose from a range of training options, which are aimed towards the key stakeholders who are responsible for the storing, processing and transferring of personal data within your organisation. All training is carried out either at one of our nominated venues, or at your office, and the options are as follows:

OPTION 1:  1-Day Course

Covers the Principles of the EU GDPR, the terminology that you need to know, Data Subject Rights, Data Processing and Legitimacy, Timeframes and Deadlines involved and what is required in order to comply with the regulation. By the end of the 1-day training you should be familiar with all the key concepts and application of EU GDPR at foundation level so that you can review and assess the status of your business with in terms of compliance with the regulation.

OPTION 2: 3-Day Course

Covers all of the subjects as per Option 1, but in greater depth to give you more detailed knowledge so that you:

    • Will have an enhanced understanding of jurisdictional laws, regulations and enforcement models, rules and standards as laid out by the EU GDPR
    • Gain confidence with the essential privacy concepts and principles and legal requirements for managing and handling personal data
    • Will be skilled to help your organisation achieve compliance with personal data management
    • Will be skilled in knowing how to manage data transfer between different countries
    • Understand how to go about implementing a data privacy framework
    • Learn the skills, knowledge and responsibilities required that a Data Protection Officer  requires in this new role
    • Understand how current Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)/Personal Information Management Systems (PIMS) can be leveraged (if applicable) to assist with your compliance obligations
    • Understand how to conduct Data Mapping/Flows throughout your business process
    • Can confidently carry out Data Protection Impact Assessments where required.

OPTION 3: Data Protection Officer Course

For those who are serious about their career as a Data Protection Officer – this course provides a detailed syllabus that goes into Cyber Security and detailed ISMS. Please contact us to discuss further.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT & CONSULTANCY SERVICES also provides consultancy which is tailored to fit each organisation individually, and can include scoping the project with you and the key stakeholders within your organisation.

We then put together a detailed plan of what is required in terms of priority within your organisation so that you can focus on the implementation and delivery.

You can find out more about and the team by visiting the About Us section, and to discuss our consultancy package, please contact us to receive a response within 24hrs (1 working day).