GDPRPLAN.COM Services include Project Management that is structured in accordance with our client’s compliance requirements and objectives. We also offer bespoke Consultancy to organisations of any size – whether its to assess current business processes and systems, product specifications, or overall privacy management programmes. Our tailored Training allows you to choose specific elements that are relevant to your business and budget.

To elaborate on these services:

  1. PROJECT MANAGEMENT: This is tailored to fit each organisation individually, and can include scoping the project with you and the key stakeholders within your organisation. We then put together a detailed plan of what is required in terms of priority within your organisation so that you can focus on the implementation and delivery.
  2. CONSULTANCY: You may be considering a new vendor or supplier and want to ensure that the appropriate due diligence is being pursued so that your potential business partner understands their obligations (for example – as a Joint Controller, or as a Data Processor). Or, you may be purchasing new software/hardware and require the appropriate expertise to set up or “harden” the unit so as to protect the information that is stored. GDPRPLAN can help by sourcing the appropriate resource with the relevant expertise as a solution to your requirements.
  3. TRAINING: Companies can choose from a range of training options, which are aimed towards the key stakeholders who are responsible for the storing, processing and transferring of personal data within your organisation. All training is carried out either at one of our nominated venues, at your company location, or via video conference/online.
  4. DPO as a SERVICE: If you do not feel that a full time Data Protection Officer is right for your business and would prefer to outsource this on a service contract, we can be your named Data Protection Officer (minimum term applies).

You can find out more about our services through the Contact Us page and you will receive a response within 1 hour if your enquiry is within working hours (Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm).

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